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Tina Angeli

Since she was a toddler, Clementina (Tina) Teresa Angeli has had a connection with the other side. For many years, she has been practicing her gift as a Psychic/Medium/Channel Healer. She is the director of the S.O.U.L. (Source of Unconditional Love) Center in Granby, CT. 

Tina was born in Italy and has been in communication with angels, guides and loved ones who have crossed over. She teaches classes in metaphysics, past life regression and inner growth. Her angels’ unconditional love and supportive guiding energy have helped her through numerous incredible challenges.

The messages Tina receives from loved ones on the other side emphasize the importance of retaining our sense of humor, and often remind us to use and trust our intuition in creating what is already ours by simply claiming it.  Intuition is our Creator’s gift to each and every one of us.  Tapping into this inner wisdom is achieved by intent and rituals such as creating a special area for personal altars, as well as sacred spaces for meditation and journal writing.  These techniques are proven to be instrumental in managing proper breathing for stress reduction and attaining a peaceful attitude.

The commitment to loving and nurturing ourselves from within brings us to vibrant, balanced and healthier feelings, and to spiritual connections. 

For close to 17 years, Tina has facilitated a supportive and healing meditation/channel group at her sacred space in Granby, Connecticut. In her practice, she works with clients on a one-on-one basis or group settings, and she also hosts private events. All Tina’s services are offered in a loving, calming and compassionate atmosphere. She is also available for speaking engagements and life-changing workshops. As spiritualist minister, Tina performs wedding ceremonies, and provides hospice support and celebrations of life.


Jim Bruton

Jim Bruton has lived a life many people dream of but few experience. As a little boy, he lived within an active imagination including a love for wildlife filming, international travel, science fiction and vintage aviation. In adulthood, he checked every one of those off his list with internationally recognized achievements, an Emmy for a National Geographic wildlife film, traveling to all seven continents, the Titanic, the North Pole and Mt. Everest, shrinking a satellite TV truck into a backpack and transmitting live video from places before impossible and building and flying historical reproduction aircraft from World War 1 and the early 1930s.


For many, any one of these adventures resulted in a single lifetime achievement. For Jim, it was just the beginning, climaxing with the crash of his last aircraft and the Near-Death Experience that followed.


P. M. H. Atwater

Hear me scream!!! I am so excited. About this book. Actually, it’s not a book – but a living, breathing, heart-throbbing treatise on the reality of being torn-apart, literally, in the crash of a small plane, then plunked into an in between reality where truth speaks as God Itself…!

– L.H.D., pioneer researcher in the field of near-death studies and author of The Forever Angels: Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and their Lifelong Impact

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley

In life, death and the In Between, Jim Bruton takes us to the precipice of the wondrous, dangling our hearts over the edge of the extraordinary, while catapulting our minds into unchartered territory…

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, best-selling author of Promised By Heaven, Understanding Is the New Healing and co-author of Bringing Death To Life

Reverend Bill McDonald

A must- read story for true spiritual seekers that needs to be shared. Fasten your seat belt as you begin to read Jim’s life story.

– Reverend Bill McDonald, author of Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey and Alchemy of Warrior’s Heart 


Bruce Greyson

Cases of remarkable experiences on the threshold of death have been reported since ancient times, and are described today by 10% of people whose hearts stop. The medical world has generally ignored these “near-death experiences,” dismissing them as “tricks of the brain” or wishful thinking. But after his patients started describing events that he could not just sweep under the rug, Dr. Bruce Greyson began to investigate.

As a physician without a religious belief system, he approached near-death experiences from a scientific perspective. In After, he shares the transformative lessons he has learned over four decades of research. Our culture has tended to view dying as the end of our consciousness, the end of our existence―a dreaded prospect that for many people evokes fear and anxiety.

But Dr. Greyson shows how scientific revelations about the dying process can support an alternative theory. Dying could be the threshold between one form of consciousness and another, not an ending but a transition. This new perspective on the nature of death can transform the fear of dying that pervades our culture into a healthy view of it as one more milestone in the course of our lives. After challenges us to open our minds to these experiences and to what they can teach us, and in so doing, expand our understanding of consciousness and of what it means to be human.

Author description: Dr. Bruce Greyson is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He served on the medical school faculty at the Universities of Michigan, Connecticut, and Virginia. He was a co-founder and President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies. A Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, he has received national awards for his medical research. After is the culmination of almost half a century of his scientific findings.


Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D.

Captivating…a major contribution to the study of what happens when we die, and will quickly prove to be a classic in near-death studies.

– Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D.,

bestselling author of Life After Life

Eben Alexander, M.D.

Dr. Greyson’s work has the potential to completely change our fractured and confused world, offering insights that may lead to an explanation of the nature of consciousness.

Eben Alexander, M.D., bestselling author of Proof of Heaven


Peter Kaflik

In this book, Overturning Cancer, an Alternative Approach, author send the message to everyone who has cancer, he describes carefully how, step by step, he defeated two different kinds of cancers.

A tumor attacked his bladder. An operation and several weeks of chemotherapy did not stop the cancer. After eight months, the cancer came back and attacked with more power which he was waiting for the next operation. However, it was not the end of his trouble. A few months after the second surgery of the bladder, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  How he went through the stages of the disease he described in this book.

In this book, Peter also writes about a spiritual experience he had in his life. He transitioned to the “other side”, which he believes it is a place where we go after our life here on earth. It was his greatest moment in this life, and he always have a hard time telling people about it. He thinks that many of us who may have had this experience, have similar problems expressing themselves. So, in describing it, we can only multiply beautiful worldly experiences that we have had on earth, in the hundreds of thousands of times.


Sue Maisano

Born in a poor Chinese village, Sue Maisano defied all odds and transformed her own life to become an American scientist and subsequently hypnotist, spiritual life coach, online business and mindset coach.

Her captivating story is documented in her memoir The Healing Journey.

Through her struggles that were required of her personal transformation, Sue had a spiritual awakening experience that allowed her to tap into her soul’s purpose, and to understand reality at a profound level. She has written The Nature of Mind Realities to explain in plain language how physical reality works and how the human mind interacts and co-creates reality.

Sue believes that ANYONE can achieve great things, overcome traumas, create and maintain a harmonious relationship, build a successful business etc, when you align with your soul’s purpose and draw upon your inner power.

With her extensive background, diverse skills, eastern and western philosophies, Sue’s mission is to help aspiring soul-centered men and women awaken to their true power within, to heal and empower, to reach better emotions and harmoneous relationships, and to reach true abundance that you are born into.

Penney Peirce

This is a book written simply and directly, giving us the story of how a life can flower from what some might consider misfortune to a full and fortunate outcome – just from taking the next step, and the next, in trust and good humor. Sue Maisano demonstrates how making everyday choices aligned with her life purpose made all the difference in her personal transformation.

–  Penney Peirce, author of Transparency, Leap of Perception, and Frequency 

Tonya Madia

The Healing Journey is an amazing story about determination and overcoming adversity. Sue’s journey is a remarkable testament to the importance of trusting your intuition and believing in yourself. Her incredible story stands as proof that we all have the power to decide our destiny if we trust in the universe and follow our heart.

Tonya Madia, author of Living the Intuitive Life

Amazon Buyer

The Nature of Mind Realities” brings awareness to “Now”. It is a positive journey into learning the intricacies and mysteries of the mind and how we can “create a better existence” for ourselves right now.. This book examines the minds ability to perceive reality in different ways. The author, Sue Maisano, easily explains the complexity of our minds in a way that is interesting and educational. We have a fascinating mind, let’s use it! 

Amazon Buyer


Karin Nemri

Karin Nemri has been sensitive to the inner light of others since she was young girl visiting isolated seniors in a nursing home that was located in her neighborhood.  Her gift of being able to connect to the spirit of others became even more pronounced after her near death experience as a teen,  which led her on a lifetime healing path to help not only other people but herself, too.

Karin is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Aiijii Healer and lecturer as well as a certified Domestic Violence Counselor with an Associate’s Degree in Human Services.   She has volunteered hundreds of hours of her time with hospice in various nursing homes since 1996. From 2000-2004 she was the chairperson of the Connecticut Affiliate of The Twilight Brigade: Compassion in Action, where she organized and co-facilitated training for hospice volunteers.  Karin also served on the steering committee of the Hospice – Veterans Partnership of Connecticut and was active in The Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of-Life Care.  After the tragedy of 9-11, she was trained for the Connecticut Emergency Crisis Response Team/Spiritual Division.  Karin was also a member of the Connecticut Holistic Health Organization and served as the Ombudsman for a local nursing home. She has been a board member of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc. since 2006. 

Karin is also an accomplished portrait artist. Her work is known for its vibrant colors and her ability to capture the soul of her subjects. She lives in Bloomfield, Connecticut and is the proud mother of three grown children and the grandmother of four grandchildren. “Dancing in the Moonlight: Embracing the Sacred in the Dying Time” is her first book.  You can contact her at  [email protected]

Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.

Dancing in the Moonlight is not only a touching and tender memoir about how the author and her family dealt with the terminal illness of her father, but a book that illustrates and illuminates the profound mysteries that occur as death approaches. It is full of spiritual and practical wisdom, too, and anyone who has to deal with the death of a loved one will be grateful to Karin Nemri for the gift of her beautiful and moving story.

Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author of Lessons from the Light and Waiting to Die.

Dr. Vernon Neppe

Karin Nemri has written a. short but absorbing autobiographical book that I read in one session. Karin, a gifted Aiijii healer, interweaves the dying process through the process of life. The book metaphorically reflects a day: Dawn, Midday, Twilight and Midnight. By the end of the story, each part of the journey comes full circle. ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ is as much a guide as a story about a family, particularly Karin and her relationship with her father and also her mother. This book reflects a series of revelations about one of the most feared mysteries of our physical existence—our death. It is about possible soul relationships and even the impacts of the near-death experience on development.

– Dr. Vernon Neppe

Dannion Brinkley

I always thought that someone should write a story or a book about what people who have had a near death experience end up doing with the rest of their lives. This book is the story of one such person and how she was able to integrate her remembrance of her experience into the care of her father when he was terminally ill. Her extensive knowledge of the caregiving aspects of hospice care and how to deal with the multiple losses and emotions that naturally come with this feared time of life will be the perfect escort to help you on your own journey.
I’m so proud of Karin for writing this book and sharing her commitment to helping people understand what the dying time may have to offer. So if my words move you in any way, read this book and be prepared to dance! 

Dannion Brinkley, International New York Times best-selling Author of Saved by the Light