NDE Support in CT

What is it like to believe that you are dead 

and you find yourself in a realm of light 

with other beings talking with you telepathically?

How can you make sense of the event and progress as a soul being? 

About Us

We are an affiliated group of International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDs)

Our mission is to understand and support people who had experienced Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and those who are interested in spirituality and human consciousness.

We provide a safe environment with open mindedness to those who are ready to open up their heart for high consciousness.



“My life is one of realizing all my childhood dreams- I watched wildlife films and now I have an Emmy from National Geographic; I read Popular Mechanics and loved science-fiction and figured out how to shrink a TV truck into a backpack, transmitting live video from all 7 continents, Antarctica, the Titanic and Mt. Everest; I loved to travel and became a war journalist for NBC News; I fell in love with old airplanes and one day decided to build one- 8 years later I had a faithfully-reproduced WW1 fighter. It was the 2nd plane I built that was responsible for my NDE. On its 2nd flight, the engine quit and I crashed into a forest- breaking all my ribs, rupturing both lungs, damaging my lower spinal nerves and so on. I was flown to the trauma center and placed into a week-long coma, and for those 7 days I left my body and went to the In Between. Understood as well from a quantum physics perspective as a spiritual one, I was presented with an opportunity to change my future of choices- to remove the ones bad for my spiritual growth (based on choices from the past); it was painful to be in this purgatorial looking place, but it was a merciful and loving gift. I have so much more to share about the experience and how it has unpacked. I’ve given this to a local IANDS group in CT.”

This presentation will take place on August 31, 2019 at our conference in King of Prussia, PA.Register at conference.iands.org!


Tina Angeli

Tina had been serving our support group for over 15 years. She had 3 Near Death Experiences.

She can be reached at: (860) 653-3612

Jack Lardis

Jack was an artist and had never had an Near Death Experience, but he found the phenomenon very fascinating. He had been serving our group for nearly 30 years.

He can be reached at: (203) 510-5465


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Latest Events

Lee Larence shares his NDE experience and the science of the soul. March 11th at Uconn Health Center. 7-9pm.