NDE Support in CT

What is it like to believe that you are dead 

and you find yourself in a realm of light 

with other beings talking with you telepathically?

How can you make sense of the event and progress as a soul being? 


Currently we are offering our monthly meeting online via Google Meet. To ensure the safety and privacy of our meetings, we only share our meeting ID with our confirmed subscribers. If you would like to get onto our online meetings for inspirational messages in a safe and trusting environment, enter your name and email in the form below. You will receive a confirmation link to confirm your subscription, once you confirm your subscription you will instantly receive the instructions to get onto our online call. See you there!

About Us

We are an affiliated group of International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDs)

Our mission is to understand and support people who had experienced Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and those who are interested in spirituality and human consciousness.

We provide a safe environment with open mindedness to those who are ready to open up their heart for high consciousness.


Tina Angeli

Tina had been serving our support group for over 15 years. She had 3 Near Death Experiences.

She can be reached at: (860) 653-3612

Jack Lardis

Jack was an artist and had never had an Near Death Experience, but he found the phenomenon very fascinating. He had been serving our group for nearly 30 years.

He can be reached at: (203) 510-5465


Bethany Silver, Ph.D.

Bethany never had an Near Death Experience, but came to the support group by way of grief. She began serving our group in 2020, hosting our online meetings and maintaining our mailing list. She is currently writing a book on supporting NDErs with their integration following the near-death experience, with Jim Bruton and Diana (DiFranco) Marquez Lyons.

She can be reached at via email at: [email protected]


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